connection and wifi

Since TIKnTAK game is multiplayer online and real time game.

While playing the game you should be connected with a good quality internet connection.

During a game play your device is updating our servers constantly with any move you play such as bets, winnings, power ups activation etc., while our servers are updating constantly your device with all events and moves made by other players.

TIKnTAK requires perfect internet connection for your game, getting and sending information constantly. That is why it is important that your internet connection is stable. For a smooth enjoyable experience, it’s important that you are connected to a reliable strong signal network.

Full WiFi or mobile data coverage is not always ensuring solid connection, as local networks can slow down, getting overloaded at times, especially while playing in a moving car or on underground public transport. As with any other online service.

we highly recommend playing over WiFi with a dependable Internet service