how to play jackpot slotto


How to play Jackpot Slotto

Jackpot Slotto is a Progressive Super Mega Jackpot that the entire TIKnTAK community plays.
The jackpot starts at 100,000 coins and grows every day with 1,000 coins until there is a winner.

The winner takes the super mega Jackpot. After winning the super mega Jackpot starts again at 100,000 coins and grows again every day with 1,000 coins until there is a winner.

! Jackpot Slotto opens for you for free every 8 hours, but not before you play and bet on TIKnTAK main game at list 10 games.

! After playing first time for free, you are allowed to play and trying your luck another up to 3 times for  the cost of 100 coins only each time. (All one time every 8 hours)

To play Jackpot Slotto you must choose 6 numbered lotto balls, one from each column, and spin the reels.
! Once you select your balls, they will turn into gold color.

If the six balls you choose land on the small baskets in the middle line, you are the big winner of the Super Mega Jackpot