how to play vaultbuster


Vaultbuster is available every 8 hours for one play only and allows you to attempt to break into another players vault by cracking their secret code and stealing a part of their Coins.

! VAULTBUSTER GAME  Will be opened for you as soon as you reach a higher XP level in game.

Hack a vault take your loot

When you succeeding to hack another player vault, you take as a loot a certain amount of his\her coins. The same is if another player hack your vault, he takes only a certain amount of your coins.
! Gold bars are not a part of this game. Gold bars are always safe in a private account so nobody can touch it.
In no case you cannot take gold bars from another player and no player can ever take your gold bars.

To start Vaultbuster, press the Vaultbuster icon in the Lobby when available.
Choose who you want to bust:
To Bust a friend, press the friends tab and choose a friend.
To Bust a random global player, choose the global tab and choose one of the 8 listed users to start.
For revenge play, press the Revenge button to see a list of players who busted your vault.

Play starts with the Find Code Screen, where you have around 2 minutes to find the players 2 Secret Codes. First the first code is shown.

  1. The top of the screen shows the player you are busting along with the first code to hack. You should search for the code in the table of numbers below.
    After hacking the first code, the second code to hack will be shown in the same place.
    You have around 2 minutes to find and hack the players 2 Secret Codes.
  2. In order to make the game challenging, the numbers table is refreshed every a few seconds with new numbers position.
  3. Randomize timer shows you the time left until the table is refreshed with new numbers position.
  4. Lock Down Timer shows you how long you have left to hack the code.

The code could present in the table in 4 ways: from left to right, from right to left, from up to down and from down to top. When you see the code just swipe on it with your finger in the right direction or just click on code’s numbers.

Once the 2 codes have been hacked, on the next screen just swipe with your finger from the busted vault on the left to your vault on the right to transfer the coins busted.

! Once the game opens for you as per your XP level, you are allowed to play this game for free every day 3 times a day only.

protect your vault from being busted

When a player starts to busting your Vault trying hacking your code, you’ll receive a message via push notification on your device alerting you that you immediately should protect your vault from being hacked.
! Don’t forget to allow (on) TIKnTAK app notification on your device.

On notification arrival press immediately OK in order to launch the game going directly into your Change Code screen. You are now racing against the other player to protect and save your coins. When change code screen opens, just push the red button and your code will be automatically changed. (If not hacked before)

If a player succeeds to bust your vault he\she takes a certain part of your coins, if you succeed to change the code before the player bust you, then the player gets nothing and your coins are safe for the next 8 hours.

! Want to be protected? Too busy or don’t want to be woken up by the possible threat of your Vault getting busted? Simply buy a ValtGuard in the Shop. The Vault Guard protects your vault from being busted without the need for you to change the secret code.